Chapter 2951.59: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 59)

Chapter 2951: Counterattack in the palace: Revenge of the little maid (Part 59)

"Reporting to the emperor." Song Nan Mo gave a bow and said, "This subordinate's father is a general and he only has this subordinate as a son. This subordinate should follow him and become a man who rides horses."

"The Mulbury Country and Northern Country are small countries. This one will give you the same troops as Di Shao." Feng Yu looked at him and said, "Are you certain?"

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"This subordinate is certain."

"Reporting to the emperor, although the Mulbury Country and Northern Country are just small countries, they have superior geographical conditions and are easy to defend."

"Reporting to the emperor, this subordinate feels that Sir Wang is right. Lieutenant General Li has already returned in defeat and it's Sir Song's first time in battle. If he suffers a defeat, wouldn't that increase the opponent's momentum?"

"Yes, yes......"


Feng Yu coldly narrowed his eyes, "Only losing will increase their momentum. Sir Song hasn't gone to battle yet and you think that he'll lose?"

"This subordinate......" Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay before responding at the same time, "This subordinate does not dare."

"Nan Mo, do you think that this one is giving you too few troops?" Feng Yu looked at him and said, "Now that you are asking to fight, naturally you can tell this one how many troops you need."

"Reporting to the emperor." Song Nan Mo had a calm look as he softly said, "This subordinate feels the troops given are enough."

Feng Yu looked at his expression and was suddenly surprised.

He could feel the shadow of Luo Qing Chen around him.

When she was in a desperate situation, she was always calm and made it hard for people to see the emotions in her eyes.

"Alright." Feng Yu looked at him and said, "Then you will be the commander this time and Di Shao will support you. You will take down the Mulbury Country and the Northern Country for this one in one will swoop together."



Righteous Declaration Palace.

When Concubine Rou heard this, the cup in her hand fell to the ground.

"What did you say?"

Su Su hesitantly replied, "This servant heard that Sir Song has requested to go to the battlefield."

"Father has spent so many years fighting and mother is already very worried." Concubine Rou said with a nervous look, "Now even Nan Mo wants to follow in father's steps, what is he thinking!"

"Sister, you don't need to worry." When Concubine Rou's voice fell, Song Nan Mo walked into the inner room.

"Su Su, you can leave first." She waved her hand for Su Su to leave before looking at Song Nan Mo to say, "Tell your sister, just what are you trying to do? You have never thought about going to the battlefield before, why......"

"Sister, I have my own ideas." Song Nan Mo's eyes were deep and they seemed like a net without any holes. No one could see any clues from his eyes.

"Your own ideas?" Concubine Rou shook her head, "Do you really think your older sister can't tell at all?"

"Sister." He said in a deep voice, "Since you understand, then there's no need to ask. Nan Mo does not want to hinder sister's rest."

"Song Nan Mo." Concubine Rou angrily called his name, "She is already married!"

"No matter who she marries, I will get her back." Song Nan Mo narrowed his eyes. For the first time, there was a cold killing intent that appeared in his eyes.

This was an expression that Concubine Rou had never seen before.

She clearly knew that her little brother was a stubborn person. Now it seemed that he was several times more stubborn than she thought.

"Sister is afraid that you're doing something foolish......" Concubine Rou gave a deep sigh, "The High Race Country isn't weaker than ours, so your path in the future won't be easy."

Song Nan Mo shook his head with a self-deprecating smile, "I stand upright in this life and I have a clear conscience for everything, but I can't wrong her. Whether it is in life or death, I can't leave her in that place."