Chapter 304: Stability

The sun slowly rose over the horizon, dying the sky in a shade of orange and pink. As its warm rays touched the eastern camp, the camp started to slowly come alive.

Magi bustled about, preparing for their missions. Some gathered around a large campfire, sipping on steaming cups of tea, and discussing strategies.

Others were visiting the marketplace, making sure that they had stocked up on all the necessary items they would need.

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At the northern exit of this large camp, a group of Magi consisting of three dwarves were gathered, seemingly waiting for someone.

Beside each of them, stood three massive Blue Boars. These magical beasts were the dwarves' familiars. They were a sight to behold.

The Blue Boar was a creature of immense power and beauty. Its fur was a deep blue, shimmering in the morning light like the surface of the ocean. Long, curved tusks protruded from its snout, gleaming with a cold glint.

"Oi, Farald," A stout dwarf called out. "This group that we're teaming up with, you've worked with them before, yeah? How are they?"

Farald glanced at this dwarf and nodded. "They're strong alright. Especially the man called Adam."

"Oho?" Another dwarf, one with a relatively skinnier physique, mused, "Is this the one that you always talk about? The one that outdrank you?"

Farald harrumphed, "He only outdrank me because it was wine we were drinking. That ugly bastard refuses to drink ale with me."

Suddenly, the orange-haired dwarf thought of something and added, "I must remind you both, that human is very much a prankster, but when it comes to business, there's no one better you can rely on."

"Prankster?" The stout dwarf burst into laughter. "There's nothing that can get through my thick skin. Hahaha!"

Yes, that's what I thought too... Farald muttered inwardly, his eyebrows twitching, recalling the times Adam had made him cry with words alone.

The next moment, he saw a tall shadow loom over him. Then, he heard a familiar voice.

"Haa? You guys said Farald will be here." Adam stood right behind the dwarf with his hand above his eyes, looking around intently. "But where's he? I can't see him."

Farald's lips twitched as he turned around and glanced at the youth. "You ugly bastard!"

"Oh!" Adam was taken by 'surprise' when he lowered his head. "There you are, you ginger midget. I almost didn't see you there."

The two Magi deeply stared at each other, almost as if they would fight any second now. But the next moment, they burst into laughter and clasped each other's forearm.

"Long time no see, Adam," Farald grinned.

"Keke, indeed, indeed," Adam laughed out loud.

As the two friends started to chat with each other, the two other dwarves standing behind Farald glared at Adam.

"Human, you dare make fun of our heights?"

"Calling Farald a midget? Apologize this instance!"

Farald turned around to look at his friends with a dumbfounded look, thinking to himself, Whatever happened to your thick skin?!

Adam glanced at the other two dwarves with raised brows. He looked at them for a long time before placing his hand on his chest and slightly bowing. "I apologize..."

"Huhu, that's better."

"At least, you know when to back down—" The dwarves were satisfied with Adam's apology, but their words got stuck in their throats by what the youth said next.

Adam had a sincere look on his face as he continued, "I apologize, I cannot hear you from down there."

The dwarves were speechless. Then, they started to flail around their hands in annoyance.

"Reeee! You son of a troll!"

"Ugly human, I'll fight you!"

Adam couldn't help but raise his head and chuckle sinisterly, "Kekeke, it's a joke, it's a joke." But then his face turned solemn. "Or is it?"

It took Farald a few minutes to calm his friends down. Although the two dwarves were seemingly angry at Adam, they actually preferred this way of banter compared to the usual condescending looks that they received from other humans and elves.

Besides, they didn't feel any ill will from the raven-haired youth. If anything, they could feel a strange sense of reliability from him.

Like many races, the origins of the dwarves were lost in the passage of time. All that remained were legends and myths.

Some said these species were molded from the very earth itself. Others believed that they originated from the heart of the world. What was common amongst all these myths was their relationship with the magical element of earth.

Dwarves displayed a strong affinity for earth magic. Similarly, they were also very sensitive to others who had a very grounded presence.

Surprisingly, this human youth had a very strong connection to the element of earth. The dwarves could feel it. Adam naturally exuded an aura of calm and stability much like the ground beneath one's feet.

Soon, Farald introduced his two friends to Adam, Edward, and Lisa.

The ginger-haired dwarf pointed at the slightly chubby dwarf. "This right here is Balron." Then, he pointed at the skinny one and added, "And this is Durgin."

Adam adjusted his black pointy hat and smirked, "This illustrious one is called Adam Constantine."

Edward and Lisa placed their hands on their chests and politely introduced themselves as well. After everyone had gotten to know each other, they prepared to depart.

The dwarves got on their respective Blue Boars, whereas Edward and Lisa rode together on Aquila.

Seeing Adam ride a white fox, which was Lisa's familiar, Farald couldn't help but mock, "What's this? Can't ride your cat?"

Before Adam could reply, a gray light flashed and Valerian appeared. He glared at Farald with his topaz eyes and then growled at him.


Farald's heart instantly melted seeing Valerian's actions. He couldn't bring himself to make more fun of the adorable cat.

His expression then turned solemn as he glanced at the trio.

"Our mission this time is to take care of a small group of enemy scouts that have been spotted up north. The mission is dangerous and will take us a long time to complete. If there's anything you still need to do, you better do it now."

"We're good." Edward gave a thumbs-up.

"Alright then." Farald urged his Blue Boar to move. "Let us depart!"

Balron and Durgin followed after Farald. Edward and Lisa were the next ones to leave. Adam, however, stood at the camp's exit for a moment, causing Ennea to turn her head and glance at him in confusion.

"Hold on, girl." The youth gently rubbed the fox's head.

He then expanded his Sphere or Resonance to the maximum output, looking for someone. Finally, he was able to sense the familiar mana signature.

Adam's lips curled up into a wicked grin as he thought to himself, All those enchantment spells weren't a waste after all...

"Alright, let's go!" He patted the white fox before dashing toward the depths of the Murky Mountains.