Chapter 403: Alpha

Arlo's head snapped back towards Atticus who remained undisturbed, and he immediately continued his walk towards him, his massive form making the ground subtly tremble.

The Frostbane family had always followed the way of the beasts. In everyone of their tribes, there was always an Alpha beast presiding over the whole tribe.

It was his/ her duty and responsibility to protect and defend every single one of its tribal members in case of any outside attacks. They never shied away if their tribe was being threatened, no matter what.

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This behavior and mindset was exactly the reason why the Frostbane family wasn't involved in the politics of the human domain. Their ways were too primal, too simple.

Each one of them was always honest and seldom displayed any lie or deceit.

As the first ranker of the 2nd year, Arlo had already taken himself as the alpha of the class, and currently, it would seem as though his community was being threatened.

Arlo's bright orange eyes suddenly lit up with a low glow, and his form grew in size and mass in the next instant, each of his firm muscles becoming even firmer.

"That's enough," Arlo reached Atticus in under two seconds as his deep hoarse voice sounded.

He suddenly stretched his massive right hand, intending to grip Atticus' shoulder with such force that would definitely crush the shoulders of many.

But just as his hand was about to make contact, 'Huh?' Arlo suddenly felt his vision tilting to the side, as though he was falling sideways, and in the next instant, his form started moving away from Atticus as though dragged by an invisible force.

Arlo's gaze couldn't help but widen; his gaze had been fixed on Atticus the entire time, and not even for one millisecond did he see him stop his barrage of punches.

'How?' As though answering his question, an unimaginable pain assaulted both sides of his ankles and then his chest in the next instant, his mouth immediately spewing a mouthful of blood as his form shot backwards across the classroom, landing on the opposite wall.

To the onlookers, throughout this sequence, Atticus's devastating punches on Dell had never once stopped.

"Pfft," the sound of a familiar white haired youth's laughter broke each of the 2nd years out of their shocked state.

Just like that?

That same question resounded in each of their heads as they all tried to comprehend what they had just witnessed.

But before they had time to continue that line of thought, a roar, bestial as it was primal, rocked the entire classroom.

Each of the students used mana to shield their ears in order to protect themselves as the whole classroom shook.

In the next instance, an intense wave spread throughout the room from where Arlo had just crashed, scattering dust and debris across the classroom and making each of their clothes flutter.

Two orange orbs filled with unbridled fury lit up, piercing through the dust, and instantaneously, an enraged, bestial voice resounded across the room,

"Do you really think you can come here and do as you please!!!??"

Arlo raised both of his massive arms and slammed them down on the ground, immediately crushing the sturdy academy ground and making the whole class tremble.

And in the next instant, every single one of the runes on his body lit up in a black glow, almost immediately dimming down, leaving only the tattoo directly etched on his chest, lit.

The dark light of the tattoo surged outwards, forming into the shape of a massive beast depicted in the tattoo. Almost instantly, the beast turned into motes of light that bathed Arlo's massive form as his body immediately absorbed it.

He immediately grew in size and mass, tusks protruding out of his mouth and black, harder fur growing out of his body.

His orange eyes radiated an intense orange glow as he fixed his gaze on Atticus, who still kept releasing his barrage of punches with dangerous intensity.

Each of the second years immediately got pumped as they saw Arlo's transformation. All of them instantly unleashed their aura in full and directed it towards Atticus's form.

A few of them turned towards Hogan, a dangerous glint in their eyes. Their intentions were clear; if he should intervene, they wouldn't hesitate to attack him too.

Hogan raised and shook his hands with a smile, indicating that he had no intention of interfering in the battle.

He then moved towards where the instructor was settled and joined him sitting on the obsidian table while watching the unfolding events with a small smile.

Seeing that Hogan had no intention of interfering, every single one of them then focused their attention and efforts on Atticus.

Although Dell was basically the only important heir in the second year, there were still many significantly strong members of the tier one families present.

Apart from the Stormrider family and Hogan Ravenstein, who had chosen to stand on the side, each of the other tier one family youths stood at the front line just behind Arlo, who was standing on all fours as though his form was going to pounce on Atticus at any second.

As each one of them focused their aura on Atticus, the tension in the air escalated. Just as Arlo's form was about to erupt, Atticus suddenly spoke, his cold words resounding across the room, "It's really my fault."

It was at that moment that Atticus stopped his brutal barrage of punches and faced Arlo and the other second years.

Dell's battered form fell down on the ground with a sickening thud behind him, but Atticus had no intention of letting him go.

The air suddenly wrapped tightly around his form, holding him firmly in place and restraining each of his limbs.

Atticus's piercing blue eyes landed on each of the youths, his gaze sending shivers down the spines of those who heard him.

"I should have done this on the first day of the academy."