Chapter 434.5: Dimensional Key

After returning back to White Jade Castle, Zhang Yang was piecing up the fragments of the [Dimensional Key], while he put the [Cloak of the Dark Wings] into the shop for identification.


When the 7 pieces of [Fragment of Dimensional Key] were put together in one spot, streams of immensely beautiful light shone out to the surroundings, one wave after another from the pieced key, just like a blinding sun, and it continued to vibrate in a mysterious and inexplicable way. Every player in White Jade Castle stopped what they were doing. Those who were indoor quickly ran out of the house and looked at the direction of Zhang Yang.

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Shoof! Shoof! Shoof!

Streams of white lights surged through the 7 pieces of the Dimensional Key fragments, and the fragments were beginning to piece themselves up, like a lively wiggling snake. Finally, the pieces of the fragments were slowly merging together to form the [Dimensional Key]!

"Noob tank! You did something again right?" Wei Yan Er asked Zhang Yang through the party channel.


Zhang Yang was laughing with content as he was waiting for the fragments to merge into the [Dimensional Key].

About half a minute later, the seven pieces of fragments of the Dimensional Key had stopped glowing in the surpassingly beautiful light. They had finally been pieced together! However, it was not a shape of a key! Instead, the fragments had merged into a cylindrical bar that was about half a foot long. The diameter of the cylindrical bar was no thicker than the thickness of three fingers combined together. The cylindrical bar was entirely red.

[Dimensional Key] (Quest Item)

Use: Activates the Dimensional Door, the holder of this Dimensional Key his party members (Maximum 5 members) can teleport into the forgotten Heavenly Might Imperial Kingdom and activate the treasures!

Note: Certain pieces of the Dimensional Key fragments have once been used in the past and it consumed a lot of energy. So, the Dimensional Key will be destroyed after 3 times of activation.

Special Restriction: Players who are Level 100 and above cannot enter or teleport into the location.

Huh? Only 3 times?

Zhang Yang was shocked. Still, he quickly calmed down in realization. No wonder he had not heard of anyone completing such a quest in his previous life. That was because the number of entering the realm is limited! Furthermore, the main quests affected the progression of the game. Some quest items were unique, and one-of-a-kind. Therefore, if all 3 attempts to search for the [Ancient Godly Weapon, Meteor Sword] ends up in failure, then the quest will remain a myth that will never be completed! No players will ever have the chance to complete the quest!

Although he had no idea how dangerous the Heavenly Might Imperial Kingdom was, he could already predict the difficulty of the quest, judging by the difficulties of getting all 7 pieces of the Dimensional Key Fragments. So that place would surely be extremely dangerous!

No rash decisions shall be made, as rash decisions would only waste the chance of activating the portal to the Heavenly Might Imperial Kingdom!

Zhang Yang thought to himself, that he should only activate the portal to that realm, after Han Ying Xue and the remaining party members have reached Level 90! There were 3 advantages in doing so. Firstly, reaching Level 90 would reward the players with more skill points which can be used to upgrade their skills. Secondly, they can equip new equipment and items. Thirdly, they can still acquire one additional skill point for themselves after getting the First Clear of the Rock Frost Palace!

This quest had also set up a restriction to prevent Level 100 players from being eligible to complete this quest. So, the 5 players must be Level 90 and above, and they must have a set of insanely powerful equipment and also be skilled in combat. With all that combined, they should be able to complete the quest!

After placing the [Dimensional Key] into his inventory, the beautiful light that radiated across the sky vanished instantly. When the people were still puzzled at what that just happened, Zhang Yang quickly ran out from the crowd, and went straight to the Identifying Shop.

"Argh --- what a devastating loss!" Suddenly, Endless Starlight let out a miserable cry into the party channel.

"What happened? Did someone with his eyes on his back just poke your ass?" Nothing decent would ever come out of Fatty Han's mouth.

"2,000 gold coins! All lost!" Endless Starlight cried out miserably as he could not accept his fate, "It took me so much effort just to collect the parts to assemble this [Hammer of Sanctions], and it turned out to be a two-handed weapon! My 2,000 gold is gone! No!"

"Hahaha! Then, just go ahead and reset your Class to Templar!"

According to the official introduction of the game, when players reach Level 100, they could activate their Inheritance, and the better part was that they could also change their Class Branch if they ever change their minds on their previous decisions. For example, a Guardian can change their Classes over to become Berserkers, or a Templar can change their Class over to become a Sacred Knight. As long as they were all under the category of Warrior, they could switch to whichever branch of their Classes that they preferred!

However, once the players have reset their Classes, they would forget all the required skills of the Class Branch, and their level will be reduced back to 0. But at least it was much better than deleting an account and starting over again. Because all items and equipment, and all the Class skills that the players have would remain. The only thing that the players would lose would be the experience points.

For example, Zhang Yang is a Guardian at the moment. If Zhang Yang wants to change himself to Berserker, skills that he had acquired from the skill master of his class would all vanish, so would skills such as {Vanguard's Aggression} and {Crash Magic} that he acquired from the skill books of the Guardian Class. But, skills like {Burrow}, {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} and {Blizzard Sky} would all remain.

Of course, there was a cost for resetting your class. 10,000 gold coins would be charged to prevent players from changing their Class Branch at leisure.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Starlight, post the attributes of the hammer up for us to see!"

"Alright." Endless Starlight agreed.

[Hammer of Sanctions] (Violet-Platinum, Two-Handed)

Attack: 3,969 - 4,568

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds


{Level 3 Socket 1}

{Level 3 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases 5% attack.

Equip: When you are hitting your target, there is a 10% rate to activate sanction upon your target and stun your target for 10 seconds. Effective on Violet-Platinum grade bosses and other lower grade bosses, however, the rate will be even lower.

Required Level: 90

"Wow! The special effect of this hammer is impressive!" after seeing the link that Endless Starlight posted, everyone was surprised to see the attributes of the hammer.

Zhang Yang also nodded to express his agreement, then he said, "Little girl, I think you should hold on to this hammer for now. In the future when we are engaging boss battles and with you swinging the hammer at the bosses, if the special effect can be triggered and stun the bosses for 10 seconds, then we shall own them like bosses instead!

"But I have my passive {Axe Mastery}, and this is a Hammer!"

"Don't be silly! Just look at the special effect! When you reach Level 90, a 5% increase to your attack and new equipment that are 10 levels higher than your current equipment, this weapon would definitely be more powerful than your giant axe, even after your axe is boosted with your passive skill {Axe Mastery}.

"What? Noob tank! Who did you call stupid!" Wei Yan Er jumped in rage.

Zhang Yang laughed. However, he did not mention one thing to everyone. If his [Sword of Purging Devourer] can unseal its second seal and 'swallow' in the special effects of other weapons, then this Hammer was a good 'target' to him. The special effect which can stun targets for 10 seconds long was a very practical effect!

By the end of the discussion, the little girl took the Hammer and put it into her inventory.

Poor Endless Starlight did not just spend 2,000 gold coins to do a Heavy Smithing in order to make the Hammer, he had also spent 500 gold coins to identify the weapon! Would he get all the gold coins that he had spent on the Hammer back from the little girl? Well, everyone knew the answer to that question! So, poor Endless Starlight could only swallow everything down and accept the fact that he had just lost big money!

After identifying the [Cloak of Dark Wings], Zhang Yang put up the cloak and activated the special effect of the equipment. Two gray-silver wings emerged from the sides of his lower ribs. The two feathered wings spread out about three meters out across the surroundings, and they were very attractive!

This pair of illuminating wings was just like another new pair of hands to Zhang Yang. He could move the wings however he wanted just with his thoughts. The feeling was just amazing! Shoof! He immediately thrust himself into the air like a flying general and flew towards the Auction House.

As he flew by, the players in the city were left with their eyes and jaws wide open!

What is going on? Could a player actually fly in the sky?

Zhang Yang laughed out loud, then he made his character information public on purpose to show himself off with much cockiness!

Later on, he landed by the Auction House, but the effect of his two illuminating wings could not be deactivated, and they just stayed on him, spread wide open! This pair of illuminating wings were literary 'Illuminating' wings as they could pass through any solid object, the walls, the chairs, the players, the buildings and etc. It was really amazing to look at. There, he got swarmed up by the players who were too curious and wanted to take a closer look at him. As he felt suffocated by the crowd, he decided to hide at his Little Merchandise Shop for the moment. So he flapped his wings and flew again.

After half an hour, the Herb Foraging Familiar suddenly came back to Zhang Yang. It immediately teleported out of the air right in front of Zhang Yang! As it was crying out softly, the Herb Foraging Familiar went straight back into Zhang Yang's inventory. Zhang Yang quickly took a good look at his inventory and found out that a variety of herbs had been added to his inventory.

The variety was truly vast, and the numbers of each variety were different. There were actually a few extremely rare herb types among them! If Zhang Yang was to sell all of the herbs collected by his Herb Foraging Familiar according to the market price, all of these herbs would probably earn him about 500 gold coins. And judging from this amount of earning, it was a little too expensive to spend 1,000 gold coins to summon this little fellow!

However, this was just from assigning the little fellow into gathering herbs in Level 60 maps. If Zhang Yang placed the little fellow into Level 80 and Level 90 maps to gather the herbs, would it balance out the cost? Well, it was possible!

And of course, money was not his priority, his priority was saving time! That's the most important thing of all!

Just when Zhang Yang planned to grind his level up, he was forced to log out of the game by Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er. After he logged out, only did he realize that the reason being that everything in the fridge had been 'cleaned' out, and there was nothing left for them to eat for the coming days! So the ladies commanded him to go to the grocery store on the street to restock.

Zhang Yang could only frown, as he realized that he was being treated as the man who cooks for them. This pair of ladies was really treating him like he was part of their lives already!

But! He knew exactly why they would treat him as the cook! His cooking is quite a 'bomb'! To imagine Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue going into the kitchen and actually cook out of their guilty conscience, Zhang Yang felt a chill down his spine. Normal people will never 'survive' their cooking!

So, he quickly went to the supermarket near their place and shopped like crazy for their daily groceries. Just as he came back to the small district and entered a tall building, he intended to take the elevator. The two doors of the elevator were about to close when he arrived. He quickly ran up and shouted, "Wait! Wait for me!"

The moment right before the elevator doors were closed, a large hand came in between the doors and stopped the doors from closing, causing them to reopen again.

"Thank you so much." Zhang Yang ran into the elevator with all his groceries and pressed on the button 'floor 15'. While he was at it, he saw that the button 'floor 19' was lit.

Only then, did he look over to the people by his side in the elevator.

Other than himself, there were 6 other people in the elevator. The six of them obviously belonged to a group, and four of them looked like regular people, standing in a formation of a fan, protecting two persons who were standing right in the middle of them. Although it wasn't really obvious, but Zhang Yang could still tell it.

The four people were about 20 years old, and they were wearing casual vacation outfits. They were not really macho or tall either. They were simply unremarkable. But, Zhang Yang could 'smell' danger from them, without any reason, other than purely from the intuition of his 10 years experience in fighting.

"These guys are probably bodyguards! And, they have these cool and yet intimidating impressions on them! They might have even killed before!" Zhang Yang only thought to himself as he took a few steps backward. He did not want any trouble out of the blue!

Even though his reaction was very small, the four bodyguards noticed and they turned their attention towards him immediately. The eyes of the four bodyguards were glaring at Zhang Yang as if Zhang Yang was being 'targeted' by a bunch of ferocious beasts!

Zhang Yang quickly looked over to the other two man in the middle of the four bodyguards. One of them was an elder who looked like he was about 50 years old, while the other was slightly younger, looking to be in his thirties. The elder man was obviously a person of high status. Although he did not speak at all, he had the intimidating aura that made people afraid to meet his eyes.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man was a lot 'greener'. Although the man was also looking strong, he still had a long way to go before he could become as intimidating as the elder!

One of them was an officer, and the other one must be his secretary!

That was Zhang Yang's conclusion. After being a CEO for a couple of months, his knowledge and experience were no longer as shallow as before. He had met many high-ranking officers and had shaken their hands. But, none of them can be compared to this elderly, there was just a large gap between this elderly and the high-ranking officers that he met before! And they cannot be compared to his secretary either! This secretary was more intimidating than any one of them as well!