Chapter 500: Calamity Upon The Capital [Pt 5]

Crippling fear.

The kind that prevents your body from moving. That was what currently affected the three who watched the horrors their classmate was experiencing to save them.

Despite seeing his sacrifice, they could not move.

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Logically speaking, there was no use running away. Their opponent was a Spatial Magic User who could instantly appear before them no matter where they ran to.

Plus, they were also physically exhausted after everything that had happened.

However, those weren't the reasons why they could not move.

It was simply fear.

The fear that caused one's legs to stop working and shut down all motor functions; that kind.

Even as the personification of inevitable suffering neared them, they could not move in the slightest. These were no longer the fearless saviors of the world, the champions of humanity, not the hope for the Alliance.

They had reverted back to the sixteen-year-old High School Students whose biggest worries were failing tests or being bullied in school.

How could those people handle the unstoppable march of doom that approached?

"L-Lightni--" As Trishs tried to say something, a blast was suddenly fired beside her, easily burning her left ear off.

It destroyed the ground behind her as well.


"Be silent." The Dragon appeared right before her, tightly gripping her mouth as he said those words to her.

"The only reason you're still alive is because I haven't been ordered to eliminate you. If you push me, I'll end your lives right here and now."

His dangerously cold eyes told Trisha that he wasn't messing around. Her shivering body could not stop its trembling, and she closed her eyes in surrender as she did her best to stifle her sobs and scream.

"That's more like it." Ser'ith said, removing his hand from her mouth. "Just grovel in fear like that."

As he watched the other two; the boy who was busy worrying about the vomiting girl, he was slightly disappointed that they weren't making a scene.

Ser'ith wanted more defiance. That would give him the perfect excuse to kill.

'Or maybe I should just...!'

"That's enough, Ser'ith." A voice suddenly emerged from above, causing his bloodshot eyes and crazy smile to dissipate.

He instantly gazed above and found his superior--Kar'en--and his colleague, Phil'emon, descending from above.

As expected, they were completely unscathed.

"You did well capturing these three, ah, I mean four..." Kar'en smiled, looking at the crater in the distance to see the barely breathing body of Clark.

All in all, four humans who had defied the Dragons in a joint attack.

"They'll be useful for questioning, so it's best we don't kill them now." She added, placing her hand on the sighing Ser'ith.

"I know."

His voice was more mellow, but the dissatisfaction that oozed from his tone was obvious.

With the three Dragons now floating before Alicia, Billy, and Trisha, the expression on their faces--especially the last two--was utter shock.

They thought, at the very least, they had killed the Dragon Commander beside Kar'en--Philemon--and that that even the General herself would have sustained heavy injuries.

But... neither had a scratch on them.

"My defense Skill is both Passive and S-Tier. Even though you combined those attacks of yours and caught us by surprise, there was no chance of injuring me to start with."

Since Kar'en was right next to him, the attacks didn't reach her as well.

Billy and Trisha's faces easily depicted disbelief at the situation, with more despair clouding their faces. As for Alicia, her vacant eyes and pale face showed just how overwhelmed she was by the situation.

The stimulus was too much that it overloaded her mind, rendering it incapable of processing any more. She merely knelt there, unresponsive to anything around her.

"What of the last one? The one who killed Amu'ra?"

Right as Kar'en said this, a distant shout rushed from behind them, and in a zooming crash, the body of the man in question fell to the ground.


Yet another crater was formed, this time right behind the helpless three.

Smoke rose from the center of the scattered debris, and a certain figure slowly rose to their his feet, groaning in pain. As this happened, the fourth Dragon showed up in the flash of lightning—almost as if he teleported.

He had spiky hair and a child-like appearance, despite the dark robe he also donned. The humanoid Dragon Commander was also missing an arm, though the thing seemed to be regenerating back at a quick pace.

He had wounds on his body as well, but those were also recovering.

"What took you so long, R'ashu?" Kar'en asked, her gaze still on the figure that rose from the debris around him.

In response, the child-like Dragon itched his spiky blue hair and groaned.

"That guy was pretty strong. If I was just the slightest bit slower than him, I would have definitely died."

"You? He would have killed you, even in a direct confrontation?" One of the General's brows were raised up in surprised as she turned to look at the young Commander.

"Y-yeah..." R'ashu muttered. "I even had to use [Mirror Reflect] to damage him with his attack and send him crashing here."

"I see..."

As soon as the conversation ended, R'ashu was done regenerating, making him just as capable as the rest of his comrades.

"Huff... huff..." As the distant echo danced in the air, Adonis emerged from the smoke and dust, his glowing blade in hand.

Before any could say a word, he dashed forward, ready to slash at the enemies in sight.



A transparent barrier, akin to some sort of spatial distortion, appeared in front of the group; courtesy of Phil'emon.

"It's useless." The Dragon Commander said with a slight smile, watching as the blade crashed into his barrier.

Adonis smiled slightly.

The ignorant Dragon had no idea of the kind of weapon that he wielded.

One of its primary functions was simple, yet difficult.


... It ignored defenses!




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