Chapter 872: Untitled (1)

The battlefield fell silent when Occles Zell committed suicide.

Everyone who saw this scene, including the soldiers and God Spirits of the Blazing Sun Kingdom, the coalition army of the fog monster faction, or the Lord factions of the myriad races who were hiding in the surroundings and quietly watching the live broadcast, were all dumbfounded.

Errr... He was still fighting well just now. Why did he suddenly kill himself?

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Could it be...

"They" looked at the calm King of the Blazing Sun and suddenly felt a chill and shock.

Could it be that this King of the Blazing Sun, whose name shook the myriad races, actually grasped such silent, strange, and unfathomable methods?

Even a True God-Tier enemy could not escape death?

They looked at the King of the Blazing Sun Kingdom, who was wearing the Emperor Dragon Robe and had a handsome face and a tall figure. He had the aura of a Regal and looked down on everyone.

There was only one thought in the minds of the billions of life forms.

Wasn't this really an expert from a top civilization of the myriad races who personally came to participate in the Lord of All Races?

This was clearly cheating!

At the same time, when he saw Occles Zell commit suicide in front of Zhou Zhou, the Yellow Emperor, Patriarch Lu, and Bai He, who were watching the battle in secret, were also stunned.

After a long time, Bai He spoke with difficulty, "Am I seeing things? Zhou Zhou... the Sixth Councilor actually killed an enemy at the True God-Tier? Even if this True God-Tier was temporarily upgraded by external objects, he still has genuine True God-Tier combat strength. At most, he's slightly weaker than ordinary True God-Tier Elementary Grade and the duration is slightly shorter."

At this point, "He" looked at Patriarch Lu.

Patriarch Lu and "Him" were True God-Tier Elementary Grade experts.

Zhou Zhou could kill Occles Zell easily. Didn't that mean that his strength was already comparable to "Them" or even surpassed "Them"?

"The sixth Councilor... is on our side."

Patriarch Lu was silent for a moment before saying with a complicated and emotional tone.

"The most unbelievable thing is that 'He' hasn't even become a God Spirit." Bai He added.

As soon as these words were spoken, the three True God-Tier God Spirits fell silent.

A human who had yet to become a god could actually surpass the Low-Tier Deity-level, Mid-Tier Deity-level, and High-Tier Deity-level and directly kill an existence at the True God-Tier level.

Honestly, "They" had lived for a long time and had seen many human geniuses and geniuses of the people of foreign races who could fight above their level.

However, they had never seen a battle that surpassed three levels like Zhou Zhou.

It was unheard of!

Even Regal Pangu, who had grasped a suspected True God-Tier artifact from the beginning of his rise, did not seem to have such shocking results.

Bai He suddenly looked a little dazed and emotional.

"I remember."

"When the Sixth Councilor first came to the High Continent, he was weak. When he fought other Lords, even if he was very strong, he would not easily attack. Instead, he handed everything to his original dragon to conquer powerful enemies."

"This situation lasted for a long time. It was only recently that Zhou Zhou gradually began to show his true strength."

"When it's time to lay low and develop my strength, even if I have sharp blades, I can hide my strength, hide myself, and accumulate strength."

"However, when it comes to the time where there's no need to hide yourself and can bloom with light..."

"Even the myriad races of the various worlds have to become spectators and look up to the light of the Sixth Councilor!"

"King of The Blazing Sun..."

The three of them looked at each other and sighed in unison.

"What a good King of the Blazing Sun!"

"It's so hard to hide it from us!" The Yellow Emperor chuckled as he stroked his beard with shining eyes.

"But you hid it well!"

"If "He" doesn't hide it like this, "He" will probably be like those geniuses of our human race in the past. "He" will die under internal strife or the assassination of the people of foreign races before "He" even grows up."

The Yellow Emperor was extremely satisfied.

He had potential but knew when to advance and when to retreat. He was willing to hide his strength and bide his time.

It had been a long time since "He" had seen such a human genius.

No wonder Zhou Zhou could achieve such achievements today.

"Even though Zhou Zhou's secret technique that can suddenly increase his strength by three realms looks like it can only be maintained for a short period of time, his combat strength is not bad. He can be considered a True God-Tier existence."

Patriarch Lu said with a very serious expression, "I suggest that from today onwards, give the King of the Blazing Sun the high-level status and treatment equivalent to us True God-Tier existences!"

"I agree."

Bai He thought for a moment before agreeing readily.

Zhou Zhou's combat strength performance just now made him feel that he was not inferior to him at all. Even though it had only been a short period of time, "He" was also willing for him to come to the height where "He" was.

"I agree too."

The Yellow Emperor smiled and nodded. Then, he said, "There's no need to worry about the other higher-ups of the human race."

"When we go back and show 'Them' the recording of Zhou Zhou's battle just now, 'They' will naturally be eager to raise Zhou Zhou to the same level as us."

Bai He and Patriarch Lu nodded with a smile.

What a joke, if they did not spend money and resources on such a super expert of the human race, should they be waiting for the other races to poach him before sighing and regretting?

Even though the upper echelons of the human race yearned for the power, status, and benefits of the True God-Tier, they were definitely not fools.

Facing Zhou Zhou, who had better investment prospects, the upper echelons of the human race knew what to choose.

At this moment, Bai He suddenly thought of something and looked at Zhou Zhou with a solemn expression.

"Even though this battle allowed Zhou Zhou to completely shine and shock the Lords of All Races and the billions of races in the myriad worlds,