Chapter 880: Ranking! Gaga's Incite Surrender!

After Zhou Zhou finished absorbing the bloodline, he opened the "Lord of All Races faction points ranking".

[Lord of All Races faction points ranking]

[First place: Human—Lord of The Blazing Sun—1,899,000,000 faction points!]

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[Second place: Original Spirit Race—True Lord—1,530,000,000 faction points!]

[Third place: Shepherds God Race—Heaven Chasing Lord—1,050,000,000 faction points!]

[Fourth place: Chaos Gods Race—Great One Lord—625 million faction points!]

[Fifth place: Spiritual Venerable Lord—510,000,000 faction points!]

Zhou Zhou nodded in satisfaction.

The reason why his faction points could soar to nearly 1.9 billion was because today, he, his soldiers, and the God Spirits had actually found four targets that the Eye of The Heaven's Anger had identified among the allied forces of the Scarlet Army.

After these targets were killed, he actually obtained a total of 630 million faction points.

He really did not expect this.

It was also because of these 630 million faction points that "His" faction points suddenly broke through to this level and continued to maintain the position of number one.

However, when he saw the faction points obtained by the Lords of the Original Spirit Race and the other races, his pupils constricted slightly before he gradually frowned.

"They actually obtained so many points? They actually didn't pull too far away from me?"

"How did he do it???"

Zhou Zhou was very puzzled.

With his current strength and number of experts, in addition to the Eye of The Heaven's Anger, even if they were top-notch Lords and had the foundation of countless races and civilizations, they should have been crushed by him in terms of obtaining faction points.

Looking at it now, there was actually not much of a difference.

Zhou Zhou remembered.

The last time he reached the top, the True Lord of the Original Spirit Race only had 800 million faction points.

In just over a day, "His" faction points had actually increased by leaps and bounds to 1.53 trillion.

He gained more than 700 million faction points.

How did he do that?

There was also the Shepherds God Race, the Chaos Gods Race, the Myriad Spirit Race...

The faction points of these top Lords had also increased by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, they were all increasing by hundreds of millions a day.

Zhou Zhou pondered for a moment and could not think of anything. Hence, he took out the Bodhi Supreme and asked this question.

"This question requires one ordinary question." Bodhi Supreme said lazily.

"Sure!" Zhou Zhou agreed without hesitation.

The number of times he could solve ordinary questions was not a problem for him, who had a large number of people of foreign races' bloodline inheritance. Through the continuous instillation of questions in his free time over the past few days, he had already solved three ordinary questions.

As for the higher level of official explanations, after Zhou Zhou gave the Wisdom Demon Crown to the other party, there were still two more times. Zhou Zhou had yet to use them.

When Bodhi Supreme saw that Zhou Zhou had agreed, he told him the reason why these high-level bloodline races could obtain so many faction points in such a short period of time.

After Zhou Zhou heard this, his expression darkened.

According to Bodhi Supreme, the True Lord, the Great One Lord, the Heaven Chasing Lord, and the other Lords at the top of the rankings all used the same method to increase their faction points when they saw that Zhou Zhou could actually surpass them and take first place.

That was to contact other Lords of the same race and ask them to pass the Faction Quests that they were doing or had already done to him.

Under such circumstances, they only needed to take over and do a small number of missions. They could complete several Faction Quests in a short period of time and obtain a large number of faction points.

This was also why Zhou Zhou saw that the faction points of these top-notch Lords were not much different from his own faction points.

And all they had to pay for it were some insignificant benefits in their eyes.

"If you can't win, you'll get external help, right?"

"And all at once?"

Zhou Zhou really had no temper towards their method of increasing his faction points.

However, he soon realized that he could do the same.

Moreover, he was now the Sixth Speaker of the Human Race and had the highest authority in the Human Race. Doing such a thing was much simpler than them. With an order, countless human factions would naturally run errands for him.

And it wasn't just the humans.

He could also look for people of foreign races who were close to the human race and purchase faction points missions from them to obtain a large number of faction points in a short period of time.

At most, he would just pay more Mist Cores.

In any case, he did not lack this.

This method was much more convenient and efficient than personally obtaining faction points. It saved time and effort.

"You can raise this idea when the Human Race's Supreme Conference is held today." Zhou Zhou thought.

After resting for a while, he sent someone to call over the Spellcaster who had mastered Incite Surrender.

This Spellcaster's name was Gaga, and his strength was at the Legendary-Tier Advance Grade. His race was the spirit of the yellow sky that had been transformed into a fog monster. His main profession was a Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier, and his secondary profession was a Spellcaster.

It was about three to four meters tall and floated in midair. It was wearing a golden robe and had scarlet eyes. Its figure was a little like a spirit body, but in fact, its body structure was a flesh and blood spirit Constitution formed by the fusion of a spirit body and a flesh and blood body.

Yellow ancient talismans floated around it, engraved with mysterious talismans that emitted a faint nomological aura.

Zhou Zhou looked at the talismans curiously.

This should be the greatest inheritance of the civilization developed by the Spirit of Yellow Heaven—Yellow Talisman.

At the same time, this yellow talisman was also the source of power for the empire-level soldier type, the Yellow Talisman Dao Soldier!

It could allow Yellow Talisman Dao Soldiers to use the nomological power that only God Spirits could use in advance before becoming God Spirits.

Even though the power of the nomological laws could only increase their physical bodies, making their physical bodies extremely powerful and their close combat ability extremely strong,

it was average in terms of long-range attacks.

However, it was enough to make countless low-level bloodline races look up to it.

"Greetings, Your Majesty!" Gaga said respectfully, smiling face was calm and composed.

"From now on, you will temporarily be incorporated into the Blazing Sun Army. As the strategist of the Blazing Sun Army, you will carry out the work of a strategist."

"In the future, if you need to appear to recruit enemies, you can appear again."

Zhou Zhou thought for a moment. There were no opposing forces that urgently needed him to Incite Surrender, so he said this.

"Your Majesty, can I serve under you?" Gaga asked.

"You probably won't have a chance to make a contribution if you stay by my side. Instead, it will bury your talent."

"Stay by the Blazing Sun Army's side. It's the Blazing Sun Kingdom's first legion. You will experience the most battles, obtain the most military merits, and be promoted the fastest. That's the stage for you to show off your skills." Zhou Zhou rejected outright.

In the next few days, he was prepared to focus on comprehending the Lord's laws and strive to advance to the God Spirit Realm as soon as possible. He did not plan to personally interfere in small-scale battles. He would leave them to Bai Yun and the others to handle.

Under such circumstances, he naturally did not plan to bring Gaga along.